About Us

The name says it all. Beauty is not what you look like. It’s how you feel like and we are here to deliver this concept to every person no matter what age. You don’t need any fairness cream to feel beautiful, you don’t need an expensive magical face serum to give you perfect Instagram filter skin to feel confident. You just need to feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what people say, no matter what media say you just need to realize that you are perfect the way you are. Because beauty is within you, you just need to work to embrace it.

We are a proud Pakistan based cosmetic startup that believe in full transparency and honesty to our customers regarding our ingredients, our claims and customer expectations. Our products are created with a lot of thought behind them. To make sure they are safe, effective, and do what they are designed for, keeping in mind the most sensitive skin types. We can opt to lie to our customers as most companies do but we can’t lie to ourselves as we use our own products.

Our Goals

Deliver our nation the best that they deserve. Which is honesty, transparency, efficacy, scientific evidence, safety and latest innovations. Make every member of our nation both male and female, be confident in themselves, endorse pride in their skin of any color and stop the sigma with having a dark skin. We will work hard to grow into a prominent body of this mission to serve our country.

Go Green Policy

We understand the importance of being responsible for our planet’s health. With that in mind we try our best to use biodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging as much as possible. Majority of our containers are about 93.5 % environmentally friendly by weight and on average our containers are only about 23.4% not bio degradable and we continue to look ways to reduce this number. We use electric energy rather than fossil fuels to heat things around and we trade in bulk whenever possible so to keep our carbon foot print low during transports.

Cruelty Free

We do not test our products on animals. We use human trials and ingredients already well studied by notable research bodies.


Live For a Cause

We always look for more reasons to do charities. And one of our reason is you. A percentage of our profits and more will be directed towards making someone’s life a little less worrisome even if it’s for a day. You can help us further with separately donating and follow our social media to see how your donations are used with your names listed.

Making Things Affordable

Firstly, we don’t import and promote products from other countries and sell them at higher than their original prices. Although some of our ingredients are imported because they can’t be produced in Pakistan yet, all our products except our sunscreen which is a tested formula we have to buy to make sure there is no compromise on the SPF value, are proudly made in Pakistan. We believe in the best results for our customers so we don’t use expensive fancy packaging to attract our customers but rather we invest in quality, innovations and authentic formulations so our customers speak for us and not our packaging. And Trading in bulk also cuts down costs.

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