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Not all acne behaves the same and thus may not respond to traditional treatments.

One type of such acne is cystic acne impeded deep in to the skin and just doesn’t want to come out viola your poping urges doesn’t help and makes it even worse.


Adaplene  the doctors number one choice for treating acne. This type of retinoid shows greater  reduction in acne compared to any other  OTC retinoid.


Aside from its acne fighting  abilities, it is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Can be used for both Anti Aging or Anti Acne treatment.


Mechanics of work.

Acne Fix + Retinoid Essence  works by speeding skin cell turnover which pushes the deep acne to the surface so it can heal faster.


Feel: The water based gel melts right into the skin for a seemless application. No oiliness, greasiness, no shine, absorbs right away, no heavy skin feel.


• Treats stubborn acne

• Strong Anti Aging

• Decrease oil production

• Anti inflammatory

• Reduce finelines and scars

• Decrease black and whiteheads,

• Uncloges pores



INGREDIENTS: Gel base including stabalisers, preservatives, Adaplene.


DIRECTIONS: take pea size drop and spread evenly on face to form a thin film. Can be used on top or bellow other serums based on your preference. Apply at night.


FIRST TIME USERS? Take pea size of this product and add 3 to 5 drops of our emulsion or serum and mix well then apply. First Month (every 7th night). 2nd Month (every 5th night). 3rd Month (every 3rd night). 4th Month (every 2nd night). Then every Night.


WARNING: avoid getting into eyes nose and mouth. Do not use if pregnant or 6 months before  planing pregnancy.


INDICATION: Do a patch test and consult a dermatologist before using any new product. Use sunscreen. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

This product may cause purging.


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