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Is there anything thing that oxygen can’t do?


If you are suffering from pastular acne (the sort that contains white stuff in it) this mask is the right one for you.


With clinically proven benzoyl peroxide that boosts oxygen levels in the skin to kill off acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.


This mask also exfoliates skin to improve skin texture and reduce black and white heads.


This creamy mask ensures that the formula is gentle on the skin as it also moisturises and hydrates.



Ingredients: cream base containing, solubilizers,  surfactants, stabilisers and preservatives. 4% slow release benzoyl peroxide, activated charcoal.


Directions:  As a night mask, apply thin layer on clean dry face do not apply anything else and leave overnight  and wash in the morning then follow with ph balancing products. Use atlasest 3 nights per week.


Indications: Reduce time and number of times per week if skin feels dry or flaky. Consult your dermatologist before trying any new product. Do not mix acids and vitamin c with this product.


Warnings. Discontinue use if you experience any allergic reaction from the product or are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned.


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