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Hyperpigmentation, our worst fear. Blemishes, tan, dark spots, pigmentation, acne marks etc. comes and goes as normal part of our skin healing process.

Pigmentation can be due to a one or a combination of reasons such as  trauma,  photo damage, hormonal cycles, pregnancy even change of seasons etc.

However when pigmentation doesn’t go away with time and starts to effect your daily life it is then time for intervention.

Our Dark Spot 4X Fade Essence is designed just for this reason. To help fade severe pigmentation that is not responding to traditional hyperpigmentation treatments. It contains hydroquinone the gold standard for hyperpigmentation, melasma and freckles. 

Mechanics of action. 

Dark Spot 4X fade essence double action  formula works stopping skin cells from making pigment  while simultaneously killing cells that make pigment. Providing double  protection against future hyperpigmentation as well.

Safe from oxidisation, stable and active for longer time then other similar products in the market.

Feel: This light weight emulsion doesn’t feel greasy. Provides light moisturisation and goes on seamlessly.  

• Treats hyperpigmentation and malasma

• Stops new pigment from forming

• Kills pigment producing cells

• Fades existing pigmentation

• Stops pigmentation from returning

• Evens out skin tone

• Preps dark skin types for deep peels

INGREDIENTS: Cream base including stabilisers, preservatives, additives. Hydroquinone.

DIRECTIONS: take few drops and spread evenly on face to form a thin film. To be used bellow other serums. Apply day and night.Can be used as spot treatment only on effected area.

CAUTIOUS: Bleaching Agent (depigmenting ingredient, not an actual bleach). Give 1 month break after every 6 months of use. Do not use for more than 2 years.

WARNING: avoid getting into eyes and mouth. Do not use if pregnant.

INDICATION: Do a patch test and consult dermatologist before using any new product. Use sunscreen. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Safety profile of hydroquinone?

Many people think that hydroquinone is harmful due to ban in some countries. In reality hydroquinone is completely safe when applied topically. There is a cancer risk only when it is consumed orally in large amounts over a long period of time.

5 reviews for Dark Spot – 4X Fade Essence

  1. Ania

    Mayri pigmentation kafi light ho gayi thi in k baki products use kr k. Laykin kuch dagh reh gayyay thay. 4x fade say woh nishan bhi kafi light ho gayay hay mujhay khushi hay or umeed hay nishan pooray ghayab ho jayaynhay. Shukriya sari information deynay k liyay.

  2. Prey bajwa

    Im so surprised my stubborn marks have finally started to fade and its only been a month. Talking about other brands in pakistan, you guys are very underrated wish you all the success.

  3. Minahil khan

    A little expensive but it has helped me with my marks as they have faded quite significantly

  4. Arbas

    Yes it works I would say better with their L ascorbic acid + glutathione powder.

  5. Sana khan

    Faded my dark patches on cheeks which I had since years due to waxing.

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