Extreme Anti-Aging combo

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Perfect Combo for Anti-Aging 


Step 1)Acne fix+ retinoid escence

Start with using once a week and increase days during several weeks. Use once a day only.

Step 2)hyaluronic acid+ b3 serum

Use daily day and night

Step 3) 10% stabilized Vitamin C serum

Use daily day and night

Step 5)2% Retinyl dp anti aging emulsion.

Use daily day and night

Step zero )30% lactic acid rose peeling gel.

This is a no step product. Use it once a week only. Use very small amount and work into the skin forming a very thin layer . The skin should look slightly pink not red. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and gently wash away. For the following next 2 days only use step 2 and 5 if your skin is sensitive. From day 3 continue normal routine.


Note Use a gentle , non striping ph balanced cleanser as some of these products can be irritating to the skin if skin barrier is compromised.


For detailed instructions refer to each product individually on website or check the back of the product.


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