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Why settle for less when you can have more? This  all in one instant glow oil is nothing like you have
seen before.
Why buy cheek tint , lip gloss, and face oil separately when you can save so much time and  money.
This beautiful oil has the benefits of Argon oil and Jojoba oil for the face and conditioning properties for
the lips to make it a truly all rounder product.
With the perfect balance of pigment and shimmer,  to give the skin a natural radiance and glow.

• High in vitamin A which helps reduce acne and promote collagen production.
• Vitamin E and  Tertiary butyl hydroquinone which are excellent antioxidants that helps skin with
pigmentation and protect from harmful chemicals (free radicals).
• Vitamin D to sooth the skin and calm down inflammation such as rosacea.

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil , jojoba oil, argon oil,  cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol,
mica pigment blend, capric/ caprylic triglycerides , vitamin E,
Tertiary butyl hydroquinone, Vitamin A, Vitamin D.

DIRECTIONS; take few drops and spread evenly on face and focusing on cheeks and lips using dabbing
motion. Apply day and night on top of your emulsions/lotions.

WARNING; avoid getting in to eyes and mouth.

INDICATION: Do a patch test before using, consult a dermatologist before
Using any new product. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

• Fragrance free
• Alcohol free
• Water free
• Sulfate free

• Silicone free
• Petrolatum free
• No Bleach

Please note: we constantly modify our ingredients to give you best product up to latest innovations.
Kindly use our page and website to view up to date ingredients.


  1. Rida azghar

    So pretty and nourishing my skin and selfies love it. Thank you for such a unique oil + cosmetic product. ❤

  2. Nimra

    This is perfect for my no makeup makeup look. Just dab a drop on my cheeks and im good to go.

  3. Nimra

    Its perfect for my no makeup makeup look. Just dab a drop on my cheeks and im good to go.

  4. Kinsa

    I just love it. May skin feels moisturized and glowy all day. Launch more shades please

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